SO do you want to be a millionaire?

Hey guys doggi here! this is my new game show page! Every week, 5 random questions will pop-up for you to answer!

Heres the catch, you comment your answers and at the end of the week, i post the right ones! you start out with 50 points each month and they get renewed every month. If you do win, you get an awesome banner you can put on your site!:D The banner will say ” I won doggiking’s “so you want to be a millionaire” IM SMART! :] can you win? lol and ill put some really cool background that will catch peoples attention. so heres this weeks questions!

week 1 winner for may, Frostfire5

1. Who’s CP site had the most veiws?

a. wwe adam   b. fever/watex   c. chrisdog93/cabluey/toronto   d. heatblast227

2. what month was this site CREATED!!!

a. july   b. june  c. may  d. august

3. what are my backup penguins? ALL OF THEM!

a. doggiking2, bobsaget48, condorito3, tren56,   b. doggiking2, bobsagert48, ballinman445, cutiepie4007  c. bobsaget48, shoomaid, condorito3   d. bobsaget48, doggiking2

4. Whos cp pass do i know that arent mine?

a. Condorito3   b. The Source00  c. Tren56   d. All the above

5.  who inspired me to make my site?

a. fever/watex   b. the source00   c. tren56   d. bike boy93

answer questions before: 5/18/09!



11 Responses to SO do you want to be a millionaire?

  1. doggi says:

    hurry up and get your answers in!! 😛

  2. prin says:

    watch my new improced vidz with sonyvegas

    • doggi says:

      how is that offensive? its history… i geuss slavery is offensive too (it is…) but like it happened history isnt censored. its the truth.

  3. frostfire5 says:

    Thats deap….. but stupid. What if I asked someone in a Game Show, “What day did I slaughter Doggiking’s parents?” jk jk no offense doggis parents!

    Hey I know ur dad he saw me talking to u.

    IM BORED and the answers are………..


    2 right!
    Am I de only particepent? Or maybe I’m missing something……..


  4. mrhockey09cp says:

    1. Watex
    2. July
    3. uhh idk b
    4. D
    5. uhh C? Idk

  5. JAMBA says:


  6. mattymoo1111 says:


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