here you can donate anything! you will be rewarded

if u have a really rare peng over 1,000 go to my really old posts and comment it there.

pengs- (al get buddy add who donate a peng)

1000+: blogroll forever, worker for a month, free peng, featured in a vid, featured on the “the cp crew” page as an inspiration and helper, have ur site advertised for however long, free widgets, and a buddy add.

900-999: get on my blogroll for 3 months and have ur peng featured in 10 of my posts.

800-899: be on my blogroll for 2 months and have your named featured in 5 of my posts.

700-799: be on my blogroll for however long and have you name featured in 2 posts.

600-699: be on blogroll for 1 month and have name featured in 1 post.

coin codes:

1: blogroll for however long and worker for 3 days.

2: blogroll for however long and worker here for 5 days.

3+: blogroll forever and worker here for 10 days and  a buddy add, and being featured in 2 of my vids.(or TSD)

any xats, other pengs, anything u can think of!

you will be rewarded with blogroll for a month and a buddy add and named featured in a post.


22 Responses to Donations

  1. Pj Viljoen says:

    they wont do that dude

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    Im sorry but i`m with Pj…

  3. thesource00 says:

    dude pj and happy shut up. it works all the time. i got a pretty nice penguin from a donar called labon flame

  4. Pj Viljoen says:

    ok but i meen with coin codes they wont go waste their money its possible sometimes

  5. prinplu31 says:

    il try to donate 5 days of sub and membership and maybe even a coin code

  6. Pj Viljoen says:

    woah i never knew someone would never works for me!

  7. doggiking says:

    thx prin! 😀 u kno the prizes!

  8. Ameroq says:

    lol, donating seems to work better for bigger sites, like wwe adam’s… but im not saying no one will donate. :O wow prin….ur allowance MUST be higher than mine…or ur rep….either way. XD

  9. prinplu31 says:

    im gonna buy membership today and i broke my arm but atleast i can type lol
    and my friend is giving me subs soon and i got 3 toys oh and since im turnng 14 in november imgonna have to quit il get u those a soon as i get them
    and ameroq i only get 100 bucks a month lol really and source im working really hard to get you membership so wait ppl my arm hurts

  10. bronco7777 says:

    cool website

  11. bronco7777 says:

    and i added you to my blog role for free 😉

  12. Nice N Happy says:

    I will admit it sometimes work… Try to make a SECRET PAGE its a test of finding something….

  13. doggiking says:

    source has a membership lolz

  14. Rasnail78 says:

    Hey guys long time no see Keep up the great work I hope i see you soon!

  15. dylan says:

    bring back penguin chat, penguin chat 2, penguin chat 3,test servers and propeller cap

  16. Emma1661 says:

    my penguin is 906 years old

  17. Emma1661 says:

    yea my bad…have another party soon!!!!

  18. Hi! I have four members that I would like to donate! You would have to give me 2-3 coin codes!

  19. chillex says:

    I think you should give the four member’s first dramaqueen, Your a visitor here, It’s too risky to give 2-3 coin codes to a random ppl 😆


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