doggikings videos

the videos that are on my youtube! 😀

(i have 32 but the 2 line riders arent there)

well here they are!

1- cp hobo 1

2- cp hobo 2

3- the cp robber part 1

4- cp myths- ninjas

5- famous penguins

6- doggiking interview whitemist101

7- tag youre it, cp version

8- R.I.P. tren56

9- mario and kirby!

10- bad dya- cpmv

11- feverameerons mini party

12- ninjas on clubpenguin!!!

13- ninja myths? CONFIRMED

14- cookie jar- cpmv

15- doggikings nov. buddy list

16- TLS show- the cp news

17- my buddy list dec. 08

18- cpmv, fall for you

19- cpmv- this is home

20-cpmv- welcome to the black parade

hey guys doggi here and i made a new cp vid with my new conanddoggi productions!

(this will be my backup for when source quits cp)

well its welcome to the black parade by MCR

23- The life of a hobo

24- The effects of candy(me being hyper{STOP WATCH IN HD!!!}

25- Pirates of the Carribean parody

26-Calling it quits…

27- The true meaning of Easter (spoof)

28- Club Penguin commercial (spoof)

29- sanctus real- closer cpmv

30- kanye west- heartless cpmv

also i have good news, remember how my videos like cookiejar cpmv and fall for you cpmv got copyrighted? well i fixed the solution so pop on down to my youtube at! subscribe to me! comment & rate on my videos!


~THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TSD!~ trendoggikingsource youtube not included.

tren- inspiration for blog.

doggi- me

source- helpful 2nd best friend and in another vid group with lol


7 Responses to doggikings videos

  1. prinplu30 says:


  2. doggiking says:

    lol ima just watch my vids

  3. shadow246 says:

    im on ur friends list lol………………………

  4. bronco7777 says:


  5. dylan says:

    noooooooooooooo! he died he died

  6. flipper 4437 says:

    hey doggi , you have no clue who i am , but i’m a friend of dyl100 , check out my site , type in and leave a comment

    (R.I.P. tren)

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