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64 Responses to All chats:

  1. Waddles4589 says:

    lol okay Doggi I’ll do that

  2. ninpenguin7 says:


  3. billymicbob says:


  4. billymicbob says:

    mooofy24 I RIGHT HERE lol

  5. doggiking says:

    wanna do a thanksgivig vid?

  6. upupin says:

    uhh nothin much

    why did u want me to come here?

  7. doggiking says:

    yo upupin ur supposed to reply lol

  8. upupin says:

    reply to what?
    What vid?

  9. doggiking says:

    lol do u wanna do a vid now

  10. upupin says:

    oh ok! yeah! about what? do u just want me to play along?

  11. doggiking says:

    i can give u lines here or we can do a music vid?

  12. upupin says:

    i cant. i not member. sorry. we could have a recording party?

  13. doggiking says:

    so what ur not a member

  14. upupin says:

    i dont have anything to play

  15. doggiking says:

    u can be the little kid

  16. doggiking says:

    i got it lets do a charlie brown vid!! lol

  17. doggiking says:

    just try to dress like a little kid like charlie brown kids

  18. upupin says:

    but i wont look good. umm could i be dancer? me penguin dancer

  19. doggiking says:

    so what lol cmon plz

  20. upupin says:

    ok ill be MYSELF. penguin dancer. k? 😉

  21. doggiking says:

    lol plz be linus he wears a red striped shirt like yours and any type of shoes

  22. upupin says:

    lets do this!
    but where?

  23. doggiking says:

    we can do the halloween specail xmas specail or turkey day specail

  24. upupin says:

    turkey day special will be good

  25. doggiking says:

    oops brb i gotta let my dog out for a few mins.
    brb in 5

  26. Rebelious412 says:


  27. Aqua928 says:

    Hi Doggiking, remember me? Im Aqua928

  28. wooziewoo says:

    lol nice convo doggi

  29. Arrts says:

    sup doggie you may have seen me on Fred28046, Bubi, or bodge101. I wanted to say that I am a big fan of urses!

  30. Malluvsj.t. says:

    hey every 1

  31. Emma1661 says:

    Heyy…I am soooo sorry i missed ur partay can u have one tomorrow??? That would bbe SOOOOO cool!!! Sorry i missed,

  32. Blaze23z says:

    hey its me nice video

  33. Amandazz1234 says:

    I didnt see you in the video.

  34. chillex says:

    Hello everybody! 🙂


  35. Matt Storm95 says:

    come to my chat its new plz come

  36. Matt Storm95 says:

    its called

  37. Matt Storm95 says:

    plz go its a aweomse chat for clubpenguin

  38. frostfire5 says:

    Cool backgrounds, cool songs, cool site, check it out!

  39. nice n happy says:

    2 unlock more cards 4 cardjetzoo how do we use a chea?

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