Club Penguin DS Cheats

Hola! Bubi here. I got EPF (elite penguin force) for christmas and Im pretty good at it! You are a club penguin secret agent who got promoted to the elite penguin force. The game so far has 13 (well 14 to be exact but the fourteenth really does not cound because it is just aunt arctic talking).

Dot: Another member of the EPF who helps you alot and appears in lots of the missions.

Director: A mysterious penguin whom you can only see his shadow. He is the leader of the EPF. I wonder if we will ever find out what he really looks like….

Jetpack penguin: A common EPF member who always gets picked for the missions in the skies.

Rookie: I know you know this guy. The clumsy propellor-hatted agent. Yea! He got promoted to EPF agent too! Suprising….. (I dont think he does anything to help you in the game except getting lost) lol.

Gary The Gadget Guy: You all know him, the genius inventor penguin who blows himself up atleast ten times a day! Except he is lost for most of this game! First he gets trapped under a mine-cart in a far away underground tunnel then gets kidnapped by a giant robot! It is up to you to save G!

PT: The puffle trainer who works for the EPF and shows you how to use the best pf the puffles abilities.

Aunt arctic: The kind penguin times editor who helps you out in the game. She is especially great with puffles!

Rooms only availible in DS:

The puffle training room: A secret room conected to the dojo (weird), Where you take all the puffle training tests.

Mine shack supply room: You only need to go in here once during the missions. It has a bunch of supplies….Not that great.

NOTE: I did not count the rooms seen in missions.

Mini Games:


Night Club Fever: memorise the other penguins moves (The way the arrows are pointing) tnen draw them with your stylus.

Snowboarding: When your penguin is in the air, trace the shown arrow with your stylus. Trace as many as you can before your penguin hits the ground. If you penguin hits the ground without the last one compleated, you will not get any points for that jump.

Snow Trekker: Move the circle at the lower screen to steer around and pick up coins. Cick on the image of the vehicle to change the mode. Normal mode will let you drive normal on land. Water mode will let you drive on water but you need to blow through the microphone to move and the last mode goes very slow on land but can break down trees and snow piles which would hurt a normal vehicle.


Cart surfer: You can play with stylus or arrow keys (I preffer arrow keys). Playing with the stylus there is a list of tricks you can do and is kind of complicated and with the arrow keys it is the same as the keyboard.

Fishing: use the stylus to controll and now there is squids to catch and special silver and gold chests.

Jetpack: Use your stylus to make your penguin fly.

Weird Stuff:

1. There is no cove.

2. You get to have gary’s glasses during the game.

3. On the thirteenth level everyone is normal except gary who is 3-D for some odd reason.

4. There is a weird feature called D gamer which is kind of confusing….

Cool Gadgets:

Spy Gadget: The most importiant tool in the game. Many different tools come with it:

HQ button: In some places you can teleport to the HQ. A very useful app.

Spy Log: View everything you have accomplished and everything you need to do.

Decoder: Lets you decode secret message. Comes with notepad.

EPF Communicator: Chat with other EPF agents or call for backup.

Mechano-Duster: Used to cean the area for clues.

Flashlight: Do I really need to explain?

Snow Trekker: In the forest and some other places you can use this app to venture out into the wilderness.

Robot Disabiler: Allows you to disable crazy robots!!! XD                                                                   ________________________________________

Puffle whistle: Allows you to call seven different colored EPF puffles with different puffle powers!

Puffle Powers:

Blue puffle: Throws snowballs at target

Red Puffle: Breaks big stuff

Black Puffle: Mends stuff together; fixes things

Pink Puffle: Lasso’s Target

Purple puffle: Traps things inside bubbles and lifts them up

Green Puffle: Flies out and gets stuff

Yelow puffle: Plays music breaking things, but disabiling electronics



19 Responses to Club Penguin DS Cheats

  1. Wigglewadles says:

    Hey can you put the walkthrough mission for finding G. cuz I’m stuck on that one

    bubi: Coming soon!!!

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    I fineshed the whole game! PS I Met CP SANTA!! lol

    bubi: Mee too! lol

  3. doggiking says:

    i wish i had a ds so i could GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lolonce i do ill get it. and thanks to con got to see the agent EPF room

  4. straw000 says:

    Awesome site!! Can you add me to your blogroll or comment at my site?? My site is the link on my name!! Thanks!! : )

  5. Ameroq says:

    i asked for that game for christmas, and got NO ds games for christmas. NONE. zippo. zilch. i was upset…but i can wait til my bday…LOL

  6. blue6254 says:

    D Gamer is so that you can upload your coins to your account. What is the 14th mission? I swear there are only 13 missions! There are some more when you finish it, just go to the places with the ! after you finish all the missions.

    Bubi: No, Dgamer is a new disney online game

  7. CoLdSuN101 says:

    Can you give the walk through for EPF missions: finding gary the gadget guy?
    I can’t figure out how to dig the snow pile.

    Bubi: Use the feather duster thing

  8. blah blah blah man says:

    yeh use the feather duster but you need an atatchment. what is it and where do i get it?

  9. blah blah blah man says:

    never mind i beat the game a while ago so yea it was the psy gadget.

  10. jada says:

    if your asking how the feather duster works i just figured it out you attac it to you labtop that is in the corner of the ds screen then you go up to ski hill and you`ll find the key to the room and it will breake and you meet PH again and he has a black puffle

  11. ratman 101 says:

    can you download the game

  12. Slider 466 says:

    no you can’t.


    P.S. Why download it?? Nothing is free; barley anything!!!

  13. Melody3344 says:

    I finished the game but you have to buy all the stuff… But the missions? Easy as 123!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cp Santa says:

    Can you tell me where or how to findthe cp santa?

  15. superdoggirl says:

    do u no were 2 buy it cheapest i am skint

  16. irule says:

    i had to restart my game twice, does that happen 2 any of u?

  17. rodgareish says:

    My progress percent is only at about 75% and I’ve done all the missions .. Why is this ? What else do I need to do ? Xxx

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