The CP Crew

doggiking- goes on cp almost everyday, started sp in september, works at 10 other sites, goes on as doggiking & doggiking2. he is a boy, he is 13 .he was banned forever in the months of june- july. goes on cp everyday (for the most part) Leader of the cp crew

the source00- goes on cp as the source00, and kflockey92. he is vo-leader of this site and his other site is he is a boy, he goes on cp frequently. he is 12.  1st mate

pl viljoejn- goes on cp as pj viljoen mainly!  he is a boy, he has a site called, his other peng blazedawn217 . he is 2nd leader of this site.he is a boy, goes on cp almost everyday. he is 11  (hes my best friend on cp). 2nd mate

nice n happy- goes on cp as nice n happy. he is a boy, he has a site caled he goes on cp almost everyday. he is the 3rd mate of this site. he is 12

yogipen- goes on cp as yogipen. oter site is he goes on cp frequently. he is the 4th mate to this site. his age isn’t known.

as Blaze23z. His other site is He goes on cp alot and he is a boy who is 11. Blaze23z is the 5th mate of this site. Well that’s about it about blaze23z.

darkbane77- goes on cp as darkbane77. his other site is he goes on cp alot and he is a boy. he is 11 or 12. he is the 6th mate of this site. 

thats the 7 workers here! to make doggiking & the CP crew!! whapow!


1. You must post every 2-3 weeks.

2. you must not do any extra advertising like just commenting your site. you can say in ur posts to visit ur site, but no direct links!

3. if ur posts arent good like if theirs no pics or vids, that relate to the topic, they get deleted and don’t count as posting

4. if you do a post that relates to cp, than you can attach a youtube vid of urs to go up for people to watch

5. be kind and respectful, dont be mean in ciomments or you’re outta here. and if i see a mean comment, SPAMMED that goes for anyone

so just follow those rules authors!



23 Responses to The CP Crew

  1. Blazedawn217 says:

    😀 cool P.S i like to sk8 alot and quad bike 😀

  2. thesource00 says:

    like the cp7
    doggiking- yep! lol

  3. sonicred8 says:


  4. ninpenguin7 says:


  5. blue6254 says:

    Can I join?

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Ill post way more often! I promise!

  7. Radio13579 says:

    o come on how am i not on there? im in TLS for pete’s sake!

  8. Blazedawn217 says:

    your not in it cuz u dont work here

  9. Ameroq says:

    wow, i didnt know there were so many ppl on cp that were actually my age. O.O thank u soo much for being my age!!! LOL

  10. Blazedawn217 says:

    Umm dogg you could edit this, Pj’s unbanned now rember? lol

  11. Pj Viljoen says:

    I thought tren56 was your best friend?

  12. Radio13579 says:


  13. 13sponge3 says:

    i cant see the first two but the others look great! i made some funny pics but deleted them. i no how to make them. print screen a pics you want to edit, open paint . press cntrl + v and hold and u can paint over the pic and make it even funnier my cut coping and pasteing too.

  14. bodge101 says:

    Kimi is 14, just so you know.

  15. Ameroq says:

    haha, I am 12. almost 13. =.= but 12. XD so u were right.
    my main peng is Ameroq…others are Izzy0131 and Rashizzlle. (i use rashizzlle for cheats i find, so i dont get main peng banned..hahaha)
    actually, i buy member cards sometimes. but not often. XD
    u were right on most of that….XD
    kimi’s 14?!?! woah. O.O XD!!

  16. CpSk8ter23 says:

    hay thats our name but i dont mind. Also can i be a member

  17. Emma1661 says:

    oh…i thought i was part of your crew…o well

  18. doggi says:

    lol no the cre is the site workers. ur prt f the gang lol

  19. Blaze23z says:

    Hey should I be up there I am a editer I don’t know how to post cuz I can’t

  20. yogipen says:

    *cough* yogipen htpp:// *cough*

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