Ideas for the site:

hey guys doggi here! ive been thinking of ways to improve the site! 😛

i think we should add some pages in here! 😀

i was thinking of like a page called “Penguin of the week” and every week we feature a penguin and than you write some cool facts about them, and every day for that week, any post we make has to include their name! 😀

Sounds goot right? Well comment if ya feel me! 😀



4 Responses to Ideas for the site:

  1. jeffhardy2 says:

    i think it would be a great idea and if you can let me work on this site with you i really want to work with a famous penguin

  2. thesource00 says:

    that would be cool. ive made a TSD page on my site and speaking which whens im so paid coming out?

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