Clubpenguin Medieval Party Free Item

picture-1The Medieval party last year was the bomb.Last year the free item was a Squire Tunic What do you think it will be this year???Comment or take the poll below what you think the item will be. I hope it is something new not an old item.


13 Responses to Clubpenguin Medieval Party Free Item

  1. i bet its some kind of hat cuz theres always giving out hats

  2. i bet its a hat cuz there always bringing back hats the last like 3 partys there have only been hats

  3. cpcheatz23z says:

    Lol i’m have you say you and doggi are right lets see what cp brings this year.

  4. flubby123456 says:

    Nice post!

  5. thesource00 says:

    i get in to the sunrise!! lol

  6. cpcheatz23z says:

    Doggi can i put my blog on the other blogroll plz if you want to do it for me my site is

  7. yogipen says:

    Not to be against my own team, but there was no point in this post. 😐

  8. chillex says:

    It’s gonna be the wizard hat 😐


  9. frostfire5 says:

    Sometimes there are TWO items. Yay!

  10. thesource00 says:

    probably not two free items but oh well. also apparently disney thought nothing of my petition which suxs

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