Firing 2 people!

hey guys doggi here! im firing 2! people! and not hiring as a contest. just hiring :]

people on the spot…

– yogipen- no posts since march

-blaze23z- NO POSTS AT ALL!

-frostfire5- Only an INTRO post!

-darkbane77- No posts! Since a week1 atleast an intro post!

Nice N Happy- Hasnt posted in like 2-3 weeks! =/

So Ill let you TRY to make it up but it depends on the post quality. it has to have a picture (cant be random) and it has to be related to a current event in cp! if nobody does this… 3 ppl are beng fired! 😡




13 Responses to Firing 2 people!

  1. cpcheatz23z says:

    doggi i dont know how to post cuz i cant on ur blog

  2. Doggi its me blaze it wont let me post on your site so i think its a little unfair if i get fired because i cant post at all

  3. thesource00 says:

    Alright ill help you Doggiking with the choice.
    1st: Yogipen if he hasnt posted since March then BYE BYE.
    2nd: Keep Nice n Happy
    3rd: Darkbane has only been here a week so give him a shot.
    4th:And for Frostfire he hasnt posted in almost 2 months so he should be fired
    These are my opinions if i was the boss.
    Oh and 2:00 pst today and 5:00 pst!

  4. thesource00 says:

    oh and im on right now and for some reason im not a member on your chat

  5. yogipen says:

    You told me you quit.Miss comunnication I guess, but when people say they quit, they dont need their sites attended too. My defense is that.

  6. cpcheatz23z says:

    doggi i cant post on here

  7. cpcheatz23z says:

    i know why i cant post it because my site it cpcheatz23z not clubpenguin3cheats so if you add me again i could post

  8. cpcheatz23z says:

    ok here is

  9. cpcheatz23z says:

    and my account is cpcheatz23z

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