new newz pay-pa!

heyy guys doggi here! new newzpay-pa! iz out!!!!


her it ish…



also, like the new conanddoggi logo? if i had photoshop it would look better. if you wanna make me a kick-butt 1 than comment it below! 😛




4 Responses to new newz pay-pa!

  1. Wigglewadles (Waddy) says:

    Ummm Doggi, are you trying to be cool?

  2. doggi says:

    lol no…
    WTF! who hacked my hits?! it has to be an author so if you dont fix it every author will be gone! =/

  3. thesource00 says:

    dude yours hit did get hacked! maybe its a glitch though..

  4. drewdrewli says:

    thnx 4 the post xDD[visit me site when you have time]

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