Easter Egg Glitch

Hello Penguins,Today when i was on club penguin,I was in the mine and spotted a new egg. I could’nt click on it though.

Also if you copy this please give me credit, or I’ll report you to WordPress.


Have you seen this egg? Is it Real? I’ll keep you updated.

~Pj Viljoen


7 Responses to Easter Egg Glitch

  1. sliperslidin says:

    lol thats always there….anyways:

    Hey Everyone, I have a contest going on, on my site! Visit for the contest!
    Aka- Sliperslidin

  2. frostfire5 says:

    Dude that’s just what the mine looks like.

  3. thesource00 says:

    hey doggiking can you rejoin CPRA http://cpraarmy.com
    because you didnt quit cp so can you rejoin them. It will make cp funner!

  4. boxcreator says:

    um thats just part of the rock on the mine :/

  5. boxcreator says:

    ps im muddgirl4000’s brother

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