A choice…

guys ivemade a decision about quitting… im not! but i am… im quitting blogging. its ruined my cp time. i realized i dont waste my time on cp i waste it on here. ill still comment and stuff but no more on this blog. ive decided ill stick around cp for a while. so yea. ill be around. but not blogging



5 Responses to A choice…

  1. condorito3 says:

    omg make up ur mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thesource00 says:

    Yes! I’m going to stick around til school starts back up at the end of summer! I wanna get to like 100,000 hits and leave a nice compfy seat for the new cp7 owner.

  3. jESus LaIR says:

    source if you want ill take cp7 when you quit. ill get auhors to post MOST updates and just have contests. so its not like blogging to me cuz blogging to me is posting everyday, posting the updates, its boring lol.

  4. nice n happy says:

    YAH U BACK!!

  5. muddgirl4000 says:

    wait your leaving? aww man. but you rock doggi!

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