hey guys doggi here announcing the winner! nd the loser… first the winner…

the winner is… BLAZE23Z  WITH A TOTAL OF 7 VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!woot congratsz blaze…

not the person leaving the crew is… drumroll not needed! this isnt exciting! but the person is… wooziewoo.

she hasnt posted anything about cp yet and her name was drawn outta the hat lol sorry woo

c ya every person but the south ppl lol… wait…IM FROM THE SOUTH! :/



11 Responses to Winner/Loser

  1. Blaze23z says:

    omg i won

  2. Blaze23z says:

    hey doggiking email me at

  3. muddgirl4000 says:

    aww man i lost. oh well 🙂 can you go to my party? here is the invitation:

    “Muddgirl4000’s Super Awesome CP Cheats Totally Insane Party”

    Server: Sleet
    Where: Iceberg (We will go from there)
    Why: 3000 Hits
    When: Sunday, April 4th
    Time: 1:00 PM PST

    hope you can make it!

  4. wooziewoo says:

    i knew i was gunna get picked.
    its not shocking actually.
    i knew i wasnt meant to post on other people’s blogs except mine.


  5. Blaze23z says:

    hey doggiking how do i edit there are now edit buttons or anything i just an email from wordpress telling me a am a editer

  6. doggi says:

    well all you do is do posts and approve comments. thats all. you dont edit posts or anything. thats my job! lol

  7. nice n happy says:

    Aw woo im sorry but im glad i didnt go!

  8. Pj Viljoen says:

    Im aslo from the south!

  9. Pj Viljoen says:

    me and Dogg are all jobs like edditing post ect everbody gets a pacific job too do at this site

  10. doggi says:

    yep! hey, since wen did i say u could edit posts! 😐

    lol jk but only if u ask or its urs

  11. Learn something new everyday\Well thought out post\Thought I would drop in for a quick comment. Been lurking around on your blog for some time now…
    Just thought I would throw a reply on one of your posts to let you know I exist 🙂

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