people are on the spot!/ author contest

hey guys doggi here yup ppl r on the spot of getting fired again…

theres 4 people:

~Nice N Happy~
~ The Source00~
you cant make it up one of you is getting fired. ill let the people vote!

ok no i wont ill just choose at random but anywho im going to have a contest: the contest is a simple author contest. all you need to do now is do the following:  VOTE IN THE POLL!!!



28 Responses to people are on the spot!/ author contest

  1. Pj Viljoen says:

    Hey Dawg Go on your new chat sometime judt name it 😉

  2. doggi says:

    err u can go on now lol

  3. Blaze23z says:

    Hey its me blaze:
    Dear Doggiking,
    I feel that you should pick me because i am good a editing and i will be wiling to do any job you want

    I want to work here because it an awesome site and you are nice unlike some other sites.

    I will post what ever you want me to post. I will take me time to post the most encouraging post if you would like.
    I worked on many clubpenguin cheat sites like:
    Clubpenguincheats356,Cpcheats23z,and Awesomeguy14.

    My penguin name is blaze23z as you can see. I am a nice person and will accept any one if they ask. i am a member too.

    I fell that i have many famous penguins on my buddy list but the most famous of them all are Coco,365mikey,Doggiking,Condorit03 and Chinsetakout.


    Ps you may email me at (can you please block this because of spamers and hackers thanks again.

  4. Blaze23z says:

    Opps all most forgot i make widgets can Edit very well and have many well editing programs like Adobe photo shop. Art text image tricks also power point

  5. tyty676 says:

    its me batter up i wanna work here cause this is an awesome site and nice.i will post anything you want me to post,anything lol.i work on ameroqs site and prinplu30s site my penguin name is batter up and i only got bikeboy93

  6. Pj Viljoen says:

    Sorry dawg i missed it i need to do a project well 2

  7. muddgirl4000 says:

    1. why do you want to work here? because This blog has taught me a lot and I would love to help you out
    2. what will you post? ill post everything i can and I will post contests and parties!
    3. how many sites do you work at & name them (not links): mine, joji h i think thats it
    4. what is your penguin name? Muddgirl4000
    5. (this is just out of the blue lol) do you have any famous buddies on club penguin if so name them: yes. pin wii, confupengun, loggoofmyeggo, lux1200, yoda ads, futbol10, alpha202, argonautis, chinsetakout, chidori, xlr8 64, 999akif999, 99zara99, surferboy51, the source00, bmferrari, yorap8/9, jrrj15, atomic skull, and woton. i think i have more

  8. muddgirl4000 says:

    oh yeah i also have bikeboy93, doggy17, jp568, waddle1463. I also met cadence, gary, penguin band, rockhopper, and aunt artic. and no im not lying :/

  9. doggi says:

    lol i wanna meet G!

  10. darkbane77 says:

    i got bikeboy93, silver24shil, monk55392, matt1724, rex133, ryan05,dufflbagboy i have so much that i forgot alot of them! well i hope i can help with your website! cya lateR! ~Darkbane77~

  11. darkbane77 says:

    and ill tell you more wehen i remember the rest! cya ~Darkbane77~

  12. darkbane77 says:

    and im friends with condorito3 and pizza1burn too and the guys i said before r on my buddies list here are some more frostfire5, dclyde18,doggiking witch is you, thats all i know now but i think i forgot some one well cya l8ter ~Darkbane77~ and im good at making videos!

  13. thesource00 says:

    Hey Doggi just a reminder. STAY ACTIVE WITH CPRA PLZ!

  14. doggi says:

    oh lol sorry 😛

  15. doggi says:


  16. thesource00 says:

    I’ve posted 2 times in the last 4 days so i am safe. Also i crossed out the name because its a rule not to advirtese anymore in posts. I used to let people advirtese stuff but i cant anymore because chiordi, slider, (some of you), and aussie would advirtese too much rather than posting

  17. Blaze23z says:


  18. Slider 466 says:

    How do you make animated headers Doggi?

  19. sliperslidin says:

    Hey doggi! 🙂
    I got a mucho problemo! actually, no. lol i dont got a problem, but i felt like talkin in somewat spanish. anyways, where is everyone hearing about me quitting from? I mean, seriously. did i post it and not realize it? (or remember it? ive been known to not remember if i did something about 3 seconds later…oops) anyways, everytime i get on, someone else comes up to me and screams my name and says like “YAY you didnt quit!” or something like that…. i have no idea where all this is coming from. im gonna read over my past posts, but can u help me out here and tell me where u heard it from?

  20. muddgirl4000 says:


  21. muddgirl4000 says:


  22. doggi says:

    lol i was talkin to clover 😛

  23. sliperslidin says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh…. lol geez. where the heck is she… oh. dang im stupid. lol hehehehhehehehe… ignore meh. XD

  24. nice n happy says:

    😯 Me no want to be fired… Me like this site so much… Me scared 😯 Me might go bye-bye/asta la vista/adios! 😦 😯 *shivers*

  25. Blaze23z says:

    Thanks to all the people that has voted for me Blaze23z
    I appreciate for you taking your time to vote for me.
    But remember don’t vote for people who will bribe you.
    Vote for the person that will make a change in this site.
    Lastly, i would like to thank the people who voted for me again


    if you would like to meet me i will be at frozen at the iceberg for now 7:17

  26. muddgirl4000 says:

    hey dont tell them that 🙂 lol

  27. muddgirl4000 says:

    you dont have to vote for me if you dont want free penguins 😦

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