hey guys doggi here make sure you stay tuned with me and my videos on youtube!

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check out my new vid!

tell me what you think! also next movie will be harry potter and the sorcerers stone and after that… well you have to stay tuned! 😉



4 Responses to NEW VIDEO!!!

  1. muddgirl4000 says:

    Sweet post! That is a really cool video!

    Your site is very very good! I am a big fan! I will be visiting this site whenever I can.

    If you don’t mind please comment back on my site!

    Just click on my name. Thanks 🙂


  2. muddgirl4000 says:

    omg did u even notice the pirate ship was the resteraunt pirare lol. I needs some rum lol lol

  3. Pj Viljoen says:

    Is it Parody? or is it just all about looking for Rum?

  4. Blaze23z says:

    lol it was funny

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