News on Playlists|To Anxious? Try dis!

Hey dudes (and Dudetts)! dis is nice n hhhhhhh Im sorry IM STUDDERING!

News on the playlist is up! It should launch on this site between now and THe last day of the month…
I WILL ALSO post the code if you want to add it to your sidebar!

AND FFFFFOOOOOORR (O NNOOO! DDDAA STUDDDDDDER IS BAKKKK!) the cheat,(im sorry its only 4 ppls on the pacific coast.:( )So if ya doo ddat math from OUr time zone and Estern time… ITS 3 HOURS!!!! So you can change your time to 12:_ _ AM on your computer. (REMEMBER TO CHANGE DA DATE TOOOO)

Hopes this helps!

Nice n Happy


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