new newspaper issue #179

hey guys (and girls) doggi here! weee… theres a new paper (lol) well… lets get to it!

you can vote for these 5 plays at the stage party:


the first 5 contest winnaz r out! congratz winnaz(lol…oops, lol..Z!):


weee, the revealed secret is specail dances (like we didnt kno that):


and finally, the current events!


thats all for now! c u pplz later!!! lol



4 Responses to new newspaper issue #179

  1. Emma1661 says:

    Check ur club penguin crew comments… there is one from ME!!!! 🙂

  2. doggy17 says:

    plz add me to your blogroll

  3. thesource00 says:

    Glad you joined CPRA. There is a battle on Sunday so you should try to make. It’s also good to like visit the site daily to help out alot, get more members, advirtese cpra, etc.

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