Yogipen is finally here

Hey guys and thanks for coming to this amazing site Courtesy of DOGGIKING.

Anways, I am glad I am finally here.

You may have heard of me from yogipen.wordpress.com if you havent thats okay.

Anyways I wanna say thanks to Doggi and well go to the party!

Oh yeah and so does Uncle Sam:




7 Responses to Yogipen is finally here

  1. doggi says:

    u ppl dead -_-
    Nice N Happy: But we alive lol

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    Doggi lets VIDEO l8ter like 2 marrow at 7 my time and 10 your time AM
    That was fun hu? LETS VID EACH OTHER 7-my time- 10 your time!

  3. Nice N Happy says:

    video chat 2 marro

  4. Emma1661 says:

    Heyy…I am soooo sorry i missed ur partay can u have one tomorrow??? That would bbe SOOOOO cool!!! Sorry i missed,

  5. thesource00 says:

    i may be posting less doggi cause im off the computer more and more often.

  6. orngyee says:

    Check out my site. I think you would be good for the job !

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