20,000 hits party!!

hey guys! doggi here, finally we have 20,000 hits! 😀

u kno wat dat meanz??????? PAR-TAY!

heres an invite to everyone:


if u cant read it: err… get some better eyes…

ill say important stuff. its sat. mar.7th at SLEET dock. we will play some games and have a contest for the best party video. winner gets a rare peng!

c ya at the party!



9 Responses to 20,000 hits party!!

  1. doggiking says:

    o and its at 9 pst too

  2. nice n happy says:

    9 A.M. or P.M pst?

    I will try to come

  3. thesource00 says:

    ill try to come. you just didnt show up at all to TSD meetings and didnt seem to care too much. I wanna try to do The “Who Blew up the Migrator” then im done with vids
    Tuesday: 2:00 pst
    Wednesday: 2:00 pst
    Thursday: 2:00 pst
    Friday: 2:00 pst
    lets meet atleast once, twice by the most

  4. doggiking says:

    erm… can it b on saturday b4 the party? bcuz i dont get outta skool til 4 and my dad hogs the comp all day. saturday? at like 6 pst am?

  5. doggiking says:

    but i was thinking like a mystery. like the migrator glitch says EU. eplurbius unim, the oenny, cp is making an S.O.S., they are losing money, rockhopper needs cream soda! but he wont get it because disney is too cheap to give it to him!!
    OMG lol

  6. thesource00 says:

    ok doggi. Also you are lucky ur my good buddy because you havent posted anything about cp at the cp7 since 1/23/09

  7. doggiking says:

    o sorry… well i cant post pics cuz my dad gets mad so ill do the catalog cheats, but i will have to copy the pics from anther site

  8. thesource00 says:

    just copy from pj, and give him credit”not link”

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