so you wanna be an author? contest final round.

ok bla bla bla heres the finalists:





all you have to do is now say y u wannna work here,

than pick a number 1-15.

closest person gets it, UNLESS i dont like y u wanna work here

in ur y u wanna work here thing u must include these words:

chuck norris, cheese, nachoz, stupidly-cool, and rocks.

so good luck winners!





15 Responses to so you wanna be an author? contest final round.

  1. prinplu30 says:

    ok ummm ok this is why ummm cause im been trying very hard making it to this and i got more wordpress skills while i was gone and im the NaChO kInG so i like them with cheese anyways chuck norris always eat my nacho
    and im just so stupidly cool u kno and this site rocks my nachoz

    numberi i picky a numberi thatsi coolio on me ummmm

    12 and a half if not then 13!!!!!!

  2. gardenax says:

    I am throwing a first ever party for St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s everything you’ll need to know before coming:

    Why: St. Patrick’s Day Party

    When: Saturday, March 14, 3:00 PM PST

    Where: Freezer, Snowforts

    Who will host: Globalsavior, ______, and ______

    What to expect: Sled Races, Snowball fights, Connect Four, pictures, and more. If someone wants to record it would be find with me, but please tell me before recording. If there’s anything I’m missing on this post, please tell me.

    More info at Hope to see you there!

    ~ |Globalsavior|

  3. mr trinj says:

    this site is so stupidly cool because you love chuck norris and cheese nachoz also you rock! thats why i would like to join i pick #8

  4. doggiking says:

    nice prin!
    cmon other pplz! u dont want prin 2 win by default do yu?!

  5. Slider 466 says:

    I want to work here because this site rocks like a sock!!! lol!!! Also because I like cheese and I like Chuck Norris.I am really good into WordPress blogging. And I hate nachoz and I am stupidly-cool for saying that. You ROCK!!!

    I pick number 17, if not 17, I pick 15!!!

  6. trinj says:

    ok i wanna work here cuz its so stupidly cool and you like cheeze nachoz like chuck norris so you sould hire me!

  7. trinj says:

    i mean
    i want to work on this site cuz it so stupidly cool and it rocks!I heard you liked cheese nachoz and Chuck Norris,so anyway I hope i win!


  8. trinj says:

    my number is 8

  9. frostfire5 says:

    Like funny pics? Then come vote for your favorite at

    See ya there!

  10. frostfire5 says:

    There are so many reasons for me to want to work here. I mean- this site ROCKS! For example, I love all that darn CHEESE you put on your NACHOZ! I’m so stupidly-cool that if you don’t hire me I’ll give you a CHUCK NORIS round-house kick in the- nevermind lol. So pick me. Um… The End I guess… BYE!


  11. Chipper1095 says:

    my number is gonna have to be 10.

    when i put cheese on my nachos, i think of ur site which rocks! my WordPress blogging skills are so totally stupidly-cool. pick me or i will send Chuck Norris to ur house! 😉

    ~Chipper1095~ 😀

  12. doggi says:

    hey guys winner is up!

  13. frostfire5 says:

    Woo-Hoo I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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