Puffle Party! Igloo Catalog and Puffle History


In the lighthouse stand on the stand and click on the puffle to paint you


If you go to the Snow Forts,go to the puffle feeding place throw snowballs at the puffle(but they’re acttually puffle O’s)

Help Cp Squish the bugs in the catalog(Not real bugs) click here

the new igloo catalog came out today

Click on the pinata on page 6, for the aquarium.


Click on the snow on page 8, for the green birdhouse.


Click on the velvet rope on page 9, for the welcome mat.


also go to the Build a Snow Fort page and click the top right to get welcome mat

now for the puffle history

it seems before 2005 when cp started these blokes where around,cp didnt use animals that were already existing today, so they thought they should make a new type of animal and they called it the “Puffle”

here is a pic of the old cp puffles


they look funny, I like the one with the claws! anyway hope you enjoyed the cheats and puffle party!

~Pj Viljoen


4 Responses to Puffle Party! Igloo Catalog and Puffle History

  1. condorito3 says:

    thats so gay only one free item

  2. doggiking says:

    yea lol you can say “bug”
    i got banned like 5 times 4 tryin to buy the red stuff xD

  3. Becka says:

    ? Trying to buy “red” stuff? What?
    doggi- in the furniture catalog theres a red page. anything i bought on that page it ould ban me. but than i could go rite back on.

  4. Pj Viljoen says:

    the ban thing is fixed i sent the message

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