yay for creativity and TDI Second season lay-out.

Lol we are creative! Club penguin is thanking us yet again. Here is some quote It’s so “cool” when you tell us about what you’re doing with the scripts from the Stage, or with the new things from the catalogs, or how you play at the Pizza Parlor, or throw great parties in your igloos…



There has to be some kind of trick behind this. What could it be?


Alright doggi we need to do of course The Final 3 Episode, The Finale 2 Episode, and The Bonus Round but we need to consider the lay-out of the 2nd season.

 Should we have it acted out?

Should we let people be in it?

Should we mix both?

If we act it can be like what we are doing and no one will complain

If we let people be in they wont be able to make the times though and could get mad if they lose

Mixing both might work, But it would seperated. What do you think doggi?


9 Responses to yay for creativity and TDI Second season lay-out.

  1. frostfire5 says:

    They’re stalling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paint by Letters, anyone?

  2. thesource00 says:

    Ya thats someone else said! They promised it thursday its monday morning its not out yet! Also Doggiking lets meet either on these 3 days this week Tuesday 1:30 pst, Thursday 2:00 pst, or Friday 2:00 pst

  3. thesource00 says:

    then lets not do anything until Winter vacation

  4. thesource00 says:

    Also i posted the cp tdi vids on kidstube

  5. Pj Viljoen says:

    Hey sup Dogg!!! me and my freind brandon and maybe macalran are going to the skatepark WOOOT! where gonna make videos im gonna teach the ollie and turning videos lol! and cant do a kickflip yet im also learning how to shadow grind i think its called that i dunno?.Oh yea im also doing drop ins on ramps!!! and the concrete and ramps are waxed we can ski if we fall lol!!!

  6. Pj Viljoen says:

    and bradons doing grinding and 360 ollie turn! then malcaran i didnt really ask him yet we’ll also ask profecianal skaters at the park to help us 😀 they will do the demonstration just like us 3 then they will show you! well put these videos on youtube!

  7. Cid Boy 4732 says:

    Awesome site!
    Please cpmment back on my site (Click my name) it would be much appreciated!

  8. thesource00 says:

    Try today at 1:30 pst remember! If not thursday 2:00 pst if not then 2:00 pst on friday

  9. bodge101 says:

    Hey doggi! I can’t wait for the new CPTDI series! 😀

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