New Club penguin MEGA news!

Another Update by Club penguin…

Their is 4 posible start of screens…Theses are them


Also, Club penguin Is Doing a ‘Badge’ Member thing. Sorta like NO ONE CAN SEE YOUR BADGE. ONLY YOU CAN

ALSO, The Usual *Star* on the bar Is Now a medle


Im sorry non-members! You have to stay the same 😦 I am sad too because, my first penguin, Iceberg97531, Has to stay the same 😦


When I was talking about fantage, Here is an example


Non-Member (Me) 😦


Member- (My Sister) 



Nice N Happy :0)


3 Responses to New Club penguin MEGA news!

  1. doggiking says:

    lol i was gonna post updates. oh well thx :mrgreen:

  2. Nice N Happy says:


  3. Ameroq01 says:

    WOW really shweet site doggi!

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