contest starts early/ firing

hey guys this is round 1 for my contest!

its trivia! 😀

theres 3 rounds. winner gets a rare non member peng thats over 750 days old :O  :D!

1. who is my best cp friend?

2. who is my best cp friend that i kno in real?

3. when did i start this site? (my first post)

4. what months was i banned forever in?

5. who inspired me to make my blog?

those are the questions! round 2 coming friday! 😀

~all answers can be found on this blog~

now for the firing.

ima give you guys the choice.

who will go home?

update: they were on vacation so kimi is the only one left. sorry dude


UPDATE BY BUBI: Sorry! I was on vacation, then I went to camp and just got back two days ago. Im staying up to post about the party!!!!!!


44 Responses to contest starts early/ firing

  1. yogipen says:

    doggi- correct!
    I want Nice n Happy to be gone.

  2. thesource00 says:

    hmm ill say bubi or kimi cause bubi hasnt posted in forever and kimi posted 2 times in one month

  3. thesource00 says:

    um lets try to meet at 12:00 pst time. If not how about 2:00 pst time. cya at one of those times

  4. wooziewoo says:

    1. wrong

    2. corect
    3. wrong i said first post

    4. right!

    5. right!

    bubi, he hasnt posted in forever…

  5. wooziewoo says:



    3. right

  6. MINNIE WISH says:

    all wrong lol

  7. MINNIE WISH says:

    3. june 14 2008

  8. Nice N Happy says:

    I would Vote But… UGHH! I cant pick. im sorry! =I

    Nice N Happy :0)

  9. Nice N Happy says:

    1,2,4 right
    3,5 wrong

  10. chinsetakout says:

    if you add me as an admin to your site i can add the banner i have on my site to yours and also i will need then link they gave you in the second email.


  11. chinsetakout says:

    dog you only added me as an author i need to be an admin otherwise the appearance section isnt available to me!


  12. bodge101 says:

    Here’s my first answer:
    1. Blazedawn217

    I’ll finish off tomorrow- I gtg to bed 8)

  13. thesource00 says:

    doggi can i make a point. didnt they say they were on vacation atleast once before? I’m pretty sure one of them said im on vacation and bubi he was on vacation from 12/26 to 1/19? Doggi these people are using you with excuses.

  14. thesource00 says:

    i said 2:00 pst time! uhh i couldnt make 12:00 pst.! im still on….. ill go back on like 5:00 pst time!

  15. chinsetakout says:

    doggiking i put the directions for the banner in a draft of a post its called like hits banner code or something. just follow those directions and you will have the banner!


  16. thesource00 says:

    aw man didnt show. lets meet this friday then. sorry about missing one but i was busy. Also read my comment above! oh and at my site i have that one million viewer thing if u have questions about that

  17. doggiking says:

    well they have been on vacation.
    the r excused

  18. thesource00 says:

    no one goes on vacation during school for that long.

  19. yogipen says:

    Dude they lied. No one is on vacation that long.

  20. doggiking says:

    bubi did give me a notice b4. he said he will be gone for 3 weeks after the new year. so its ok. happy just said he was on vacation. lol

  21. sliperslidin says:

    lol im having a fun time watching your header… hmm lol! i wondered what the pics were for… lol now i know… btw, i added u to my blogroll incase u didnt know… lol i cant remember if i told ya or not.. lol o well.


  22. Ameroq says:

    hrmm….lots of peeps here go on vacation. OFTEN. XD i guess….anyone but me. xP oh, and u doggi…id just hate for u to be fired…since u…hired me. =D
    i guess i say bubi, cuz i dont think i ever say a post by him….

  23. Ameroq says:

    ps. I CANT FIND THE META!!!!!!!!! :0000!!!

  24. Radio13579 says:

    You should fire Ameroq cause she’s like EMO and this is supposed to be happy place

  25. Radio13579 says:

    Ok whatever I dont care as long as u hire me LIKE U PROMISED

  26. Ameroq says:

    =.= odd for u to say that. and when i say odd i mean completely expected. @.@
    i am not emo…goth…punk…or bamf. like SOME peeps i know. o.O
    O.O WHAT?! HIM? HERE!!??? nooooooooo plz noooo!!!! doggi im begging!!! noooooooooo!!! anyone but him!!!

  27. Ameroq says:

    all but number 4 good geusses tho! ill hint u. his site got hacked

  28. thesource00 says:

    ya bubi gets excuse but look at nice n happys site c how much he posts if he ever said he was going on vacation MEET AT UR CHAT NOW IF U CAN!

  29. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Sorry! Look in the post to see why I couldent post.

  30. thesource00 says:

    dude nice n happy hasnt posted at his site since november! HE WASNT ON VACATION HE JUST DOESNT POST ON HIS SITE! The last comment was when i commented for MY DECEMBER CONTEST! That wwas more than a month ago! He doesnt post

  31. thesource00 says:


  32. Nice N Happy says:

    I was on Vacation Cuz I went CAMPiNG and IM on Track! Not TRADITIONAL

  33. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I have a reason you shouldent fire me. I made the club penguin ds page. If I go, it goes.

  34. doggiking says:

    lol ur not being fired

  35. Ameroq says:

    am i? XD and are my answers right?? (even if i dont count)

  36. thesource00 says:

    wait im not done yet doggi! ITS THE MIDDLE OF WINTER! So Nice n Happy do you go camping in the winter?

  37. Ameroq says:

    XD i think eskimos do that…but i dunno. darnet…one wrong! :O

    (btw, i got a new email….soo..yeaah.)

  38. Nice N Happy says:

    Yes I go Camping In the winter because I live in a hot area in the US, like Arizona. But I cant go to the mountains. I went to the Valley.

  39. Radio13579 says:


  40. doggiking says:

    shes not on the list

  41. Ameroq says:

    =.= DONT HIRE RADIO!!! WHATEVER U DO, DONT HIRE HIM!!! EVEN IF IT MEANS FIRING ME!!! (which i hope it doesnt…)

    and i thought kimi07 was a boy!!!! aaah too. much. confusion!!

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