Club Penguin Times, Issue #169 & New Play!!

Heyy everyone! Here’s the newspaper in brief…





And here’s the events…



Today there’s a new play at the stage… Squidziod vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. If you remember, they had it sometime last year…





9 Responses to Club Penguin Times, Issue #169 & New Play!!

  1. thesource00 says:

    alright ill see u at the time

  2. doggiking says:

    rarw ameroq un sticy it dont sticky posts EVER lol

  3. thesource00 says:

    Hey cp!Mission 10 was pretty bad limme help ya Mission 11: you name it 1: You talk to G and he says herbert (H) and Klutzy (K) have stole some resources and are making a plan. He’s sending you and Rookie to investigate. Rookie has the coordinates on paper. 2: You go to meet rookie at the plaza. You interveiw penguins saying there was a massive pizza fight. 3: Rookie comes saying he has the location of where H is. He slipps on Pizza sauce and is knocked out and the paper flies away. 4: G calls you asking hows it working and you tell him rookie is down and the paper is lost. He says he is bringing Jet Pack Guy and a new agent (Floyd) you can make a merchandise out of him. To come with you. G then you go to the ski hill cause something is happening. send Jet pack guy (JPG) to the cove and Floyd at the snow forts. 5: Penguins say smoke is happening at mountain. 6: Go to mountain and find K making air launch. 7: He runs down and you finally see him go to dock. 8: Dock guy is there and says to catch him you have to connect pieces 9: You connect gears that are on K to places to uncover where K is 10: K then squeezes a lemon and ur out 11: JPG wakes you up and you go to cove where the paper landed. 12: Surfing guy has it and says if you want it you have to prove that youre an agent and solve a riddle 13: Answer is in agent code at pet shop. 14: He gives you the code once you tell him and Floyd calls you saying he hears noises at the mountain 15: You get there to see H and K in a plane and you talk. He says hes going to drop seeds that turn the heat up and will get rid of all the snow in cp and that the lift off will go off after he lifts off. He then lifts off 16: JPG and Floyd talk saying that fixing the lift off bomb will save the mountain. Using the rope (ski lodge) and gum (pizza parlor) and wrench you fix the lift off making it not blow up 17: G calls you and tells you to go to HQ 18: You talk all confused and Director talks on his thing saying you need to find something to catch the seeds in before it hits land. He says Buckets would work. 19: You search and ask for buckets in coffee shop. the owner asks if you will deliver some coffee sacks for him and you say yes and play bean counters. 20: You catch 20 bags and the coffee guy gives you buckets. G calls saying H is over the snow forts. 21: You get there an icon says drag the bucket to the place to catch the seeds 10 seeds come at the ground. catch those 22: JPG calls saying hes at the ski village 23: Rory is walking by and a seed vaporizes his clothes and he runs away. You then catch 10 seeds. 24: Floyd calls saying H is at the Forest. You then catch 15 seeds. 25: G calls saying Herbert is crashing at the ice berg 26: H and K crashes in water and K helps H swim away 27: G congrads you and rookie says something funny at the end 28: Get badge and get a cup of coffee from coffee guy Like it! ~source~

  4. Ameroq says:

    oh…sorry dude. i never got the rule book. xP

  5. thesource00 says:

    ok Saturday 5:00 pm cp time
    Friday 2;30 pm cp time
    then by then final 2!

  6. Pj Viljoen says:

    uhhh we need more adventure like hurricanes,earthquakes,new breeds of puffles captured,a doomsday device,ask sensei to turn you into a sumerrai stuff like that now that will be cool we need that stuff ok thats the excitment that people get when they do stuff like this and it should be hard this time very hard!

  7. chinsetakout says:

    Hi its chinsetakout!
    I am having my 100,000 hits party today! Here is the info:
    Server: Matterhorn
    Place: Dock
    Time: 10:30am Penguin Stadard Time

    I really hope to see you there 😀


  8. bodge101 says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but awesome header Doggi! 😀 But I think it could do with going a bit faster, don’t you? When making animations, you can choose how fast the frames go, but it is in centi-seconds- aka 100cs= 1 sec. I generally have it on 200/300cs.

  9. Ameroq says:

    a bit faster would be nice…..ooooh…a party! perhaps i’ll be there…

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