sneek peek (member event)

hey guys! billybob posted about a member event! he managed to sneek us a neek peek lol.
Many of you have been asking about a member party and wondering when there would be another one–it’s definitely been a while since the last one.

Well, we’ve been working on exactly that! The next member party will happen in the middle of January, from the 15-18th. But it’s more than just a party–wait till you see what else the team has planned! I’ll have more details next week, and I don’t want to say too much – but I can tell you that some of the items in the new Penguin Style catalog will come in very handy.

I managed to get a sneak peek from the team to show you. See if you can guess what the event might be about…

Picture 1 event.jpg
well that was billybobs post! try to geuss what its gonna be! (the last member event i wasnt a member)


17 Responses to sneek peek (member event)

  1. Pj Viljoen says:

    hey dogg you like star wars right? do you have the lego star wars 2 cuz im making a page about it so you can check it out

  2. Ameroq says:

    my guess is a fiesta or something. XD

  3. doggiking says:

    im not a big star wars fan lol. i only like vader lol hes cool

  4. Ameroq says:

    lol…niiiiiice. xP

  5. wooziewoo says:

    lol vader xDD luke i am ur father xDD

  6. wooziewoo says:

    lol vader xDD luke i am ur father xDD

  7. doggiking says:

    rawr my header didnt work. have to make a new one

  8. bodge101 says:

    I forgot to mention you have to make it to fit “as is”, or it won’t work! At the place where you upload your custom image header, it will say what size will be displayed “as is”. Resize all your frames to this size and it will work! 😀 Sorry for not mentioning it!

  9. thesource00 says:

    HEy doggiking can you meet me at your chat at 3:00 pm cp time. If you can’t thats ok. just for like a little while cause my socca game might get snowed out

  10. yogipen says:

    hey i made a snowboard for you. Go to my website and to the post snowboard shop

  11. Pj Viljoen says:

    hey yogi i commented on your site saying i want my prize for the custom credit comment look at spam or pending on ur site admin thanks! P.S big fan

  12. doggiking says:

    hehe im yogis friend. were so tight you cant get thru us. lol

  13. yogipen says:

    lol. What prize do you want again Pj

  14. Pj Viljoen says:

    yogi i wanted the 30 credits thingy dude 😉 cuz i did that challenge kool and thanks 😀 and doggi lol

  15. doggiking says:

    pj they arent wp credits tho. but u can get the stuff

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