An Idea struck me

Hey Guys source here.  Everyone or pratically everyone thinks Mission 10 was the worst and shortest mission evr! Ya it stunk big time! So I’m going to mail club penguin what i think mission 11 should be about since the mission writer writes bad missions. I encourage others to do so too!



8 Responses to An Idea struck me

  1. Radio13579 says:

    It might work as long as you don’t add the part about the writers lol. Seriously though, good idea. Make sure you post what you send them on this blog too so that if they ignore you than we know what you wrote. Not that I think they’re going to ignore you or anything. Lol.


  2. yogipen says:

    hey doggi who one the codes?

  3. doggiking says:

    cool and ill say the winner tomorrow

  4. wooziewoo says:

    ooh okay yea the mission was TOTALLY short! hehe

    to doggi: awwh i wanted to win Dx!


  5. Great idea Source, although I didn’t think the mission was that bad! Make sure your mission suggestion is suitable for younger children as well, otherwise they probably won’t even glance at it! And you might wanna use a fake name 😉 . Anyway, to Doggi, to make an animated header, you need to download UnFreez from the internet. Search it in google. On the site, there should be some demos and stuff, but when you need help, just ask me, OK? :mrgreen:

    P.S. UnFreez is free and uses up less disk space than an average JPEG picture file- you can’t say no to that! 😉

  6. Ameroq says:

    i didnt even do the mission (never felt like it) but i heard that it was really suckish…and easy. short. i suppose i have no desire to do it then. =D

  7. blue boy198 says:

    i dont think the misson sucks even if its short i think its quite fun and its probally one of my favourites

  8. kimi07 says:

    it was just too easy

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