cp tdi episode 3- forest mysteries and message 2 source

hey guys newest cp tdi episode!
its a shocker!

also source i dont think i can make it 2nite but ill try


8 Responses to cp tdi episode 3- forest mysteries and message 2 source

  1. thesource00 says:

    no he didnt. he quit his site.

  2. thesource00 says:

    u didnt show. cya later

  3. aussie229 says:

    Alright to make a link, highlight what you want the link in, and there should be a sideways 8. Click that and add the site you want it to go to 😉 Hope it helped.


  4. thesource00 says:

    Alright Doggiking meet me 9:00 am cp time or 12:00 pm cp time today if you can.
    Call the episode “Shocking Vote Off” Cause this will probably end up being the most dramatic vote off this season.

  5. thesource00 says:

    It’s a race and everyone is racing. Jayman, Cutie, and Kflockey come in the first 3 places. You say in hte beginning the last 2 places could be voted off. Oatman and The Source00 come in the last 2 places and then you make the camp fire cermony very very dramatic. In the beginning lets do something funny though. Kflockey tries to rob the pizza parlor and gets herself caught. log on as one of your other penguins to arrest her.

  6. doggiking says:

    can we do it at like 3 our time or 3:30 r time? i can make it than! 😀

  7. thesource00 says:

    opps i forgot about it lol. sorry. lets meet next week

  8. doggiking says:

    its ok lol i couldnt go either lol. ok thats fine
    lol we both couldnt go. i had to do chores and stuff and re-plant trees lol

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