Doggiking i have a change of plans! For some reason i have a game tommorrow so i cant come at the time! So new time!

NEW TIME FOR RECORDING CLUB PENGUIN TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND I will be on for recording at 3 different times.  ALL ON TUESDAY THE 30TH 6:00 am cp time, 9:00 am cp time, and   12:00 pm cp time. I will wait 15 minutes after the time and DOGGIKING PLZ GO TO ONE OF THEM! Sorry i cant do the other time Update: I can do the other time cause i am sick and i threw up so im going to miss the game.

Its you, G, Jet Pack Guy, and The Rookie in a top secret mission to catch Herbert P. Bear It is probably the most challenging mission yet. The Rookie shows that he is an idiot by tipping off Herbert on the golden puffle and by giving Herbert a phone to escape! Enjoy this guide! Credits to Bodge101!

Club Penguin Mission 10: Waddle Squad Written Guide

1. Talk to G, Herbert and the Director, pick up the solar panel from the box of odds and ends, then go to the Beach.

2. Talk to Jet Pack Guy, then enter the Lighthouse.

3. Pick up the barrel of Cream Soda next to the boat.

4. Go back to Jet Pack Guy and give him the Cream Soda barrel.

5. Solve the puzzle- pour the 8 beaker into the 5, the 5 into the 3, the 3 into the 8, the 5 into the 3, the 8 into the 5, the 5 into the 3 and, finally, the 3 into the 8. You have to get each cup to have 4.

6. Go to the Dock and collect the rope from the guy with the boat.

7. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

8. Take the solar panel out of your inventory,  then click on the broken wire with it.

9. Connect the solar panel to the wires. Look in the instructions to help you do it. It should look something like this:


11. Go to the Night Club, and put the rope you got earlier onto the pulley above the machine. Pull the lever.

12. The machine will malfunction. Open it up using the wrench from your spyphone and align the gears like so:


13. Go to the HQ. Your spyphone will ring. Answer it, then head to the Dock.

14. You will see Klutsy with a Herbert cut-out. He will run away, then your spyphone will ring again. Answer it, then head to the Night Club.

15. You will see Herbert steal the golden puffle. Pull the lever so the cage comes down. When he has escaped the cage, your spyphone will ring. Answer it.

16. All the agents will move in. Herbert will try to pull the Golden puffle from the magnet. Take Jet Pack Guy’s jet pack, then angle the lights so they are over the solar panel. Next, click on the cage with the jet pack. Herbert will be trapped.

17. G will arrive, then Herbert will escape using Rookie’s teleporter. Talk to G. He will find a packet of seeds.

18. Collect your medal. Well done- mission complete!




4 Responses to Mission 10 WAddle Squad cheats AND IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO DOGGIKING!

  1. jonnyyyyy88 says:

    don’t you get a second gift?

  2. Chrisdog93 says:

    Hey! Nice post! The new mission is pretty cool. I thought it was one of the easier ones.

    Anyway, can you add me to your blogroll? It would be really appreciated. My site is http://clubpenguincp.com

    Comment back on my site! Thanks 😀

  3. thesource00 says:

    ok so 4 or 5 pm cp time tonight doggi final 5!

  4. blue6254 says:

    You forgot the gift part! You have to talk to the cashier and tell him that you can help him and then
    put the pile of clothing, box of balls, and table into your inventory and
    Go outside. Put the table beside the Gift Shop. Put the clothing and balls on the table. Doing that will mean that you will get an Employee of the Month Trophy.

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