Cp Total Drama Island

hey guys im doing a total drama island but not quite soon cuz im in pe and my dads laptop doesnt have hypercam 2 or 1 so im gonna need 20 people or less girls and boys on the 14 of jan,im the host and theres a prize of 10,000 up for grab so who will stay for the longest well then sign up oh ya i  didnt mension there are a few bugs and a good thing is you cant quite if you sign up if u lose ya lose and here is thee contract


“if you lose ya lose” as Pj said we are not resposible

 for any actions and your kinda unsupervised

if u get injured or food posined too bad cuz theres no

 going back hahahah

CP-TDI company

signature: cp


Pj Viljoen 😀 hope u sign in

so sign up now


18 Responses to Cp Total Drama Island

  1. Milley says:

    ill sign up! why the heck not! i love tdi!

  2. Pj Viljoen says:

    oh yea im doing a page about this on my site once 12 or more people eneter we start with taking the pics then we wait for a while then i make the sneek peek but first doggiking must teach me how to use YT(youtube) then i make the entrace thing like in TDI in the begging the “i wanna be famous” one ill add that song you get to create your charater like hes personality and stuff so check out my site later the link is http://blzd.wordpress.com/ and thank you for entering

  3. prinplu30 says:

    ill sign up!

  4. doggiking says:

    cool and pj, can u delete this post plz, or you can try to sticky my latest contest a few posts below. i want people to be able to see it. and if u can too, un-sticky the contest above

  5. Pj Viljoen says:

    ok i dont now how to do that though ill try

  6. doggiking says:

    u go to edit post and u look on the side where it says posted-sticky and click esdit. but mine wont let meh

  7. thesource00 says:

    remember 6:00 am cp time monday morning or 9:00 am eastern usa time plz come

  8. Chipper1095 says:

    ill join!

  9. Nin Penguin7 says:

    Can i join lolz TDI is an awsome show


  10. Pj Viljoen says:

    Milley just gimme your CP name

  11. doggiking says:

    her cp name is milleysirus

  12. tyty676 says:

    ill join

  13. tyty676 says:

    im really batter up

  14. Pengtar126 says:

    I’ll join! Sounds fun!

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