Merry Christmas to all

Hey guys i know were sompose to do posts abouts Cp and all but this is a specail post and this post tells us what u got for X-Mas i got a rock out F250 D ill show you pictures of what i got D and you can do that to just use photobucket which is at here they are

Lego Bionicle:Kirup

Lego Bionicle:Jetrax T6

Lego Bionicle:Bitil

Lego Bionicle:Mazeka


and a Samsung F250!

now tell me yours and merry christmas D oh ya santa got sergury last night becuz my ouma’s chiminy is too small

and santa ate a bad cookie blah!

 Teehee! that should keep him out

Blah! all we saw this morning was a big slap of choclate in the chimminy blah!

Merry christmas from: Pj Viljoen D


9 Responses to Merry Christmas to all

  1. Radio13579 says:

    ew bionicals r nerdy
    source: jerk, i dont like bionicles but i dont say anything
    Pj:acctually im not a nerd and i like em and its fun im a more outdores guy than a geek computer freak

  2. Ameroq says:

    i got a samsung 2 GB MP3, Nikon Coolpix digital camera, a Wii, Wii games, and then the usual.

  3. thesource00 says:

    doggi its 6:00 am cp time and chat!!! ill wait til 6:10 am cp time.
    if you cant get on 8:00 am cp time then for the recording

  4. thesource00 says:

    alright you didnt show so 8:00 am cp time at your chat. Doggiking plz come cause i cant do it in the afternoon or saturday! maybe sunday.

  5. thesource00 says:

    alright doggiking you didnt show!!! uhhh. i cant do it saturday or sunday!!!! plz go on Monay 9:00 am cp time!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ GO ON MONDAY 9:OO AM CP TIME! WE CAN DO IT THEN!

  6. doggiking says:

    sorry dude ive been busy alll day!
    ill try 2 go. we can do it tomorrow at 6 pst romise

  7. doggiking says:

    oooh lol ill try but dont be positive abput it. ill try to reserve tjhe comp for then so i can make sure nobody will be on.

  8. thesource00 says:

    i cant go on saturday or sunday. theres still a whole week though!

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