Christmas cheats and glitches and stuff

Hey guys this might be my last post on Doggiking’s blog so thats why im doing this post and i might quit cp 😦 its cuz i miss my friends in real life 😦 and i hardly have anytime with my family anymore 😦 cuz im on cp so much and since i havent seen my friends and family ive been going nuts ive been trying to calm myself down i wanted to stay up all night to post this at 4:30 S.A time 😦 so im gonna give my password to doggiking my best buddy 🙂 i might only come back in July or March if im still working here ill do posts to say “hi” or say “im going nuts i feel like rejoining early” 😥 i will miss you guys

now for the Christmas cheats




christmas3(click to enlarge)

here some funnypics i made



christmas6thats a new record for me, its 5 this time

And my blog hits are iccorect it was my cousins fault thats my i hate him so im changing it back to normal sorry about that i only got ungrounded today so i posted it cuz i went on my widgets and i saw that was fake to im sorry for what my cousin did hes the blame for me getting grounded and fake hits 😡

-keep waddeling 😉 pj


3 Responses to Christmas cheats and glitches and stuff

  1. Ameroq says:

    awesome cheats…nice pics. XP ill miss ya…

  2. thesource00 says:

    Alright i remember the party!
    PJ that is a good post. lol funny pics.
    I’ll try to post the newest billybob posts and comics

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