advice to doggiking and Newspaper!

You arent really being strict enough. Bubi mentioned that this site needs to be on topic! Do you see any club penguin posts! No! There are posts about LOOK AT ME IM GETTING GROUNDED, NO ONE CAME TO MY PARTY SO ILL POST IT HERE! WHAT  IM GOING TO WEAR DURING MY PARTY! SOME REALLY UNFOCUSED POST! If this was my site alot of people wouldnt be working here anymore. Just some advice. I’ll try to post more but i always post cp.

P.S No one posted the  Newspaper yet so is a summary




For Christmas party items I Guess Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Reindeer hat


Update: source your right! and this is exactally why you are now the co-leader. if you think someonoe should be fired tell me. we will talk it out, and i may fire them.



6 Responses to advice to doggiking and Newspaper!

  1. Ameroq says:

    Wow. I agree that more posts should be focused on CP, but all the contests and sorries are nice too. And I think everyone here is reallllly nice and just awesome. I seriously mean it, you guys here are the nicest people on a blog that I know of. =D

  2. Pj Viljoen says:

    Shut up source no wonder doggiking did want to quit TSD and besides you cant tell him your out of his group blah blah blah! tren can only say that doggiking is out or in! not you!!! no wonder i deleted you! and im the one whose been looking after this site so buzz off 😡 and who cares if somebody says “IM GETTING GROUNDED” i said that because so people will now i wont be working here for a damn long time argggg!!!!!!! im so frustarted!!!! your not a guest star anymore in CPHTV so shut your friken mouth who gives damn wat you say and im really kind but when people do things like this and blame it on others thats why i got so frustarted!!! illl do more posts like my life and so can other people you BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. doggiking says:

    chillax hes rite why dont i see a newspaper post?
    and im am telling, and i mean TELLING someone to post the new party tomorrow or els im fifring 3 people.
    so make sure u post it someone (a worker)

  4. i acctually feel like getting fired so i hope im getting fired cuz i want to

  5. doggiking says:

    hmmmm i see. well maybe ill do some firin\g anyways since u want to. its ok that u quit cp.i feel the same way. but i still go hang with friends. lol thats why i post early b4 school

  6. Milley says:

    ur totally right! this blog is only about drama!!!!!

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