Sorry guys

Hey guys i got grounded now i have to finish my mom and dads present and other things in my life and now im leaving on the 20th so i only have 3 more days ill post quite soon….And the Movie and the CPHTV is delayed again for next year somewhere in january maybe not the movie.I also doing the partys again this time a big group needs to be there not on friday though so its next week saturday well cya there also ill post the invatation 🙂

-Keep waddeling 😉 Pj


2 Responses to Sorry guys

  1. lilsuad says:

    Hey!! Awesome post!! I am Lil Suad and I just made a new blog with straw000!!!!!!!!! I hope you can add me to your blogroll because I already added you to my blogroll!! Thanks!! : )

  2. cpplaceforglitches says:

    i am so upset and sad. turtwi4132 got banned forever and i might be quiting. the only way not is if i can call cp and get my penguin back

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