Kimi 07 has landed!!!

Hello everyone! I am now admin on this site. I will post whenever i can. If you want to meet me then i go on cp nearly every day mostly on frozen or mammoth.

~hasta la vista, baby! (I end all posts like that)


9 Responses to Kimi 07 has landed!!!

  1. Radio13579 says:

    you’re kidding. And I’m still not on this stupid site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    Kimi! Wanna Add me on CP?

    E-mail me a date,time,server

    Nice N Happy :0)

  3. bubluciouspenguin says:

    Lol radio! A very original first post

  4. Ameroq says:

    @.@ trust me, radio…u wouldnt fit in here. no offense.
    hey Kimi! i have no idea who u r, but i suppose saying hi is of courtesy. or something like that. =D

  5. bubluciouspenguin says:

    hey doggiking, I usually say I dont belive in wordpress partners and you should add anyone that asks if they have the potential, but now its going way overboard. I dont mean to be getting off on a bad start kimi, but maybe you should make your posts alittle more different. You know dont go all off topic. Try to focus on what the people want to hear, but who knows. I might be totoaly wrong. I have done this posting stuff for almost two years now and I focus on what the people wnat to hear in my posts (well sort of 😛 [I think] ). Now that I think about it I dont really do that. Wow! Maybe thats why I dont have much hits! Your the best Kimi! Thanks for all the help! Your Brilliant! XD………

  6. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I confuse myself sometimes……….

  7. doggiking says:

    lol it says hey doggiking and u say thx kimi lol

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