End of the world?

hey guys are mostly thinking “OH MY GOD THE WORLD ITS THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!!!!!” your mostly wrong but on Ryfitzger227’s site he has a page about this and in one of the parts its says “The middle of the milky way is a blackhole and the earth is slanted and alaska is facing the middle of blackhole and that will cause dramatic climate changes like Tsunamis,Hurricanes,earthquakes ect. Then the world explodes with valcanos causing everyone to die”. Now that is a theory guys, theorys arent always true you know.Firsts thing first if its facing alaska whic is facing south of the earth and since the earth spins while orbit it could happen right over

The square is where it could happen its will cause a Tsunami so i would move to higher ground the shapes is where most of the island could be flooded

and here is what the blackhole looks like


big hey?

-Keep waddeling 😉 Pj (but not too far cuz tommorows a party 😀 )


9 Responses to End of the world?

  1. doggiking says:

    thank god im not the only smart one here lol

  2. Pj Viljoen says:

    lol i know alot of geolgy lol

  3. Ameroq says:

    yeah, ry’s thing was really confusing to read. this makes much more sense. i still think its weird though.

  4. Radio13579 says:

    ry said it Myans predicted it but they also predicted the world to end in 2005 so they’re probably wrong. Also, they didnt actually predict the end of the world, but a new beginning, and that just means things will get better. Plus, they probably didnt want to end o 2012, but they probably got invated while they were creating the calender.

  5. Milley says:

    ah mah gahd! thank god i live in utah! kinda. i hate it here. well it proberly not gonna happen! also, thats not an effin black hole! that is the combined light of stars. and earth is on the…. intermediate arm i think….. sorry ima need my smart moments.

  6. Pj Viljoen says:

    Sorry but your wrong there my mom works with loads of companys even with NASA so thats how i know

  7. Milley says:

    well my mom doesnt! only a 6th grader here!

    *also, thats not an effin black hole! that is the combined light of stars. and earth is on the…. intermediate arm i think….. sorry ima need my smart moments.*

  8. Pj Viljoen says:

    for pete sakes it is!!!! now leave me alone please go to this site and ill prove it http://archives.cnn.com/2001/TECH/space/09/05/chandra.black.hole/index.html this is inside the huge yellow light

  9. Milley says:

    well sorry for being optimistic!

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