Hey Its Prin Here!

im having a contest ul love the prizes ok so heres what u have to do

1.decorate your igloo christmas theme

2.take a pic of it

3.put it on photobucket

4.comment the link

so u notice its an igloo contest!so i will choose a igloo that looks clean and cool and christmas stuff

so u  been wondering what are the cool prizes,well if u go to xat then ul like it


1st.25 Xats,be my buddy,get to be in a tls video,and they get to tell me 3 questions and i sware il awnser them,il advertise your site in all the sites i work

2nd.get to be my buddy,gt to be in a pic of tls,and get to meet me at xat

3rd,il advertise your site in all the sites i work,my buddy for a week

so remember its an igloo contest if i were you il try toi get 1st place

oh and some rulez cant be sombody else igloo so i want you in the pic

2.dont copy someone else igloo

3.have fun!

remember its igloo contest!



One Response to contest!

  1. Nin Penguin7 says:

    Its My Christmas Dojo lolz

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