Christmas contest

Hey guys 2 more weeks til christmas and i have a contest for you

This contest is about christmas

Christmas specail contest

1.Make a poster that reprosents christmas example


UPDATED 12-10-2008

Nice N Happy`s entry
Nice N Happy`s Merry Christmass
Myspace Glitter Graphics


thats called blingee here is the link to its site 

you can use Paint microsoft,Powerpiont 2007

to do blingee heres another example

ok im gonna tell you how to make your penguin awsome your player card on Cp

then if you have a background and pin take it off

2nd.Press PrtSc SysRq

3rd.Open paint and press the button edit then paste

4th.Now drag the picture to the side dont go over the penguin now crop on the other side

5th.Use the white paint and put it all over the blue in the background

6th.Now the shadow in dark blue now youll see that theres a blue line now earase that.

7th. Now save it example (Pj.jpg) dont put the brackets inside the save

now go to the Blingee site

8th. Now sign in

9.Now go to make a blingee,Then upload a picture from your file,And press continue

10.Add some bling bling and save then press continue

11.Now press the download button

and then in that page press the download button on the side and save it

Now go to photobucket

Now sign up or sign in

Now it will take you to your profile then there is a box and now upload the blingee picture

and copy the link

2.Put it in the comment

and the prizes are be an authour on my site,Be in 10 funny pictures with me,Be my buddy,Be in a V.B video,Meet V.B and add them,Be in a Club Penguin Heroes Tv episode with me.

P.S a new header will be uploaded soon lol if your wondering “what the heck? you cant upload a header with this template” well your wrong thats CSS now edit it but you need Credits or a PayPal account ill teach you more about that in a new page thats comming soon

Pj (im still not sure what my new signature is yet so ill use this one for a substute


2 Responses to Christmas contest

  1. Nice N Happy says:

    im going to start soon

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    i made it in the post !

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