Nice N Happy`s Buddy Contest

Thanks to doggiking, I can post my 1st Contest WOOT !
Heres The Details

Nice N Happy Needs a New Buddy :O
Wanna be my New BFF?
Then enter this contest!

I will Have a meeting and interveiwing ppls
Post your Penguin Name For RSVP

Server: Wool Socks
Igloo: Nice N Happy
Time: Be there 12:00 Penguin Time- 12:15 PM
Day:December 22
I will post and meet my buddy on An E-mailed Date


Nice N Happy


11 Responses to Nice N Happy`s Buddy Contest

  1. doggiking says:

    lol cool and can i have a cp code for christmas? plz i want an item in it and ima give u a free member peng for x mas cuz im nice. lol

  2. Nice N Happy says:

    I Will try to get my flippers on a code 4 u !

    Nie N Happy :0)

  3. doggiking says:

    yay ill get u a peng by email.
    (my backup email )
    not my real one cuz its crowded. lol well email me the code there if u get one. and ill email u the peng at ur email

  4. Nice N Happy says:

    ok kool !

    Nice N Happy :0)

    this is cool ummm are the contests still goin on what are they bout?

  6. Hey… so…
    what goes on…

    well im tired so night

  7. Blue 6254 says:

    Can I be your BFF?

  8. Pj Viljoen says:

    aww man i dont think i can make it on the 22nd plze change it too the 23rd or 21st pal

  9. Pj Viljoen says:

    i really need i code well not really but ive never gotten one before

  10. doggiking says:

    lol. and hi minnie wish

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