help me!!

hey guys this is urgent. doggiking here and i need to get 20,000 hits so i can get on aussie229’s blogroll cuz hes my friend and i want on his blogroll but i only have 13,000 so i need 7,000 more hits! 😀 we can make that up. and in a one time offer, since its x-mas, all authors can post a contest! lol


vote for The Source00 at oatman is having his iceland election right now!

yea vote 4 source b cuz i dont have a chance! lol maybe i can be his vice prez.


4 Responses to help me!!

  1. kimi07 says:

    Sure, i will work on ur site! (I am back)

  2. Nin Penguin7 says:

    can i work on ur site…. wait hmmmmmmm maybe too much work. eh lolz well if i can cool

  3. doggiking says:

    great kimi! 😀
    whats your email?

  4. mod.ameeron says:

    doggi sorry, u were the most guy to trust me and iI was the most untrustworthyguy, sorry from the deeps of my heart, and who told u one the contest because of ur video that i liked, u one the contest because of the song not the video, i felt comfortable everytime i hear it, lol

    sorry buddy

    I am having a partytoday and hope u appear there, if u forgived me type a comment on my site, if no, u can type a negative comment.

    If u want to explode from anger u can add me to the email and swear on me as much as u can,lol

    mod.ameeron was before watex, but i changed it

    Atleast we will try to be friends forever

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