Hey guys im leaving on holiday to P.E on 27 of December so i need Doggiking, Belle and Radio to look after this site

P.S  Sorry im not posting lately its cuz im REALLY BUSY (and if your wondering why are some of these words are in bold is cuz im being pasicfic 😆 jk cuz theyre impotant)

P.S.S  I will post some updates if im not at the beach

P.S.S.S  Here are two polls that you can fill out for my site

P.S.S.S.S Sorry for all the P.S’s 😆



5 Responses to News

  1. doggiking says:

    u goin to port elizabeth? have fun!
    (im good im geography)

  2. Slider 466 says:

    Im having my 3,000 hits party today!! Can you please write a post to everyone that it is today @ 5:00 CPST and the server is North Pole. If it’s full tell them to go to my blog to check for an update. (

    And for the other Doggiking fans, please go to my party!! It will rock the house!! I have never had a “real” party before!!

    ~Slider 466~

    P.S. How do you get a blavatar?

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