Thankful for…

Hey Penguins!

Listen, Post a comment on what your thankful for, Then I will include all Coments in one huge Picture with santa and elf here

Colloge sample

So start commenting!


Nice N Happy :0)


7 Responses to Thankful for…

  1. Nice N Happy says:

    Hey This Nice n happy! I will except Thankfulness untill christmas Eve. Then I will post the final pic!

    Now what am thankful for… hmm.

    1.for my friends on club penguin
    2. for the Vibrations Boys
    3. for Spounge bob (lol but 4 real)

  2. Blazedawn217 says:

    Nice im thankful that i have
    1 My Cp friends
    2.My Dogs
    3.My parents
    4.The vibrations boys
    5.That you and Dog joined V.B
    6. and Jesus and the rest of christ
    thats what ive thankful for

  3. doggiking says:

    lets see…
    im thankful for…
    1. x-mas
    2. v.b.
    3. cp friends
    4. family
    5. beef stew
    6. churros
    7. other food
    8. apple juice
    9. jesus
    10. life
    12. peace
    13. ninjas
    14. candy
    15. santa clause (lol)
    16. TSD
    17. cp
    18. the computer
    19. potato chips inside my lunch in those little bahggies that you get instead of a giant bag
    20. my site
    21. the phone
    22. legos
    23. my limbs
    24. chicks that dig me
    25. cp7 site
    26. stapeler so i can staple school crap
    27. bookbag
    28. xbox
    29. xbox games
    30. everything else that i like that i missed (sports, movies, ect.
    im really thankful!

  4. doggiking says:

    im also thankful that nice n happy will give me a cp code for x-mas! (lol)

  5. Ameroq says:

    wow…30… haha
    What I’m Thankful For:
    1. the computer and everything on it
    2. wordpress, club penguin, zetaboards, email, yt
    3. friends (online and offline)
    4. the nice people here…
    5. that christ died for my sins…and heaven…
    6. my family, and … everything they’ve given me
    7. lebanon bologna
    8. jello
    9. mountain dew…
    10. nintendo (‘specially the ds)
    11. tv…
    12. digital cameras, camcorders
    13. iPods, MP3, cell phones (blackberries rock)
    14. holidays, birthdays, fridays, mondays, and weekends
    15. youth group and youth pastor doggiking- ooh good one is shoulda put that! 😀
    16. cars…drivers licenses…hah
    17. music, bands, singers
    18. for the fact that my penguin is so hott…
    19. all my successful websites
    20. my fans (like all 2 of em…haha)
    21. the awesome dudes that like me…
    22. computer chairs…so comfortable
    23. surround sound
    24. …sarah palin…
    i think that’s all…there’s prolly more though.

  6. Blue6254 says:

    Hi Nice!

    I am thankful for:

    2.Club Penguin
    4.PS3( Playstation 3!)
    5.All my friends in CP
    6.This site
    7.Nice N Happy
    8. Everything that uses Technology!
    9.Friends and Family
    10. Everything except for bad people!

  7. turtwi4132 says:

    i am thankful for…… tv, benchwarmers”the guy who gave the guy beef sTew, my parents my dog my sister and cp and psp

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