tsd productions

Hey doggi are you still in TSD productions????? You can only be in 1 production. Prinplu30 is automatically kicked out beccause he destroyed TSD and lied and stuff. The new member is http://greenfirez.wordpress.com SO DOGGIKING? ARe you in?


ALSO http://cpanation.wordpress.com


7 Responses to tsd productions

  1. Radio13579 says:

    Ha ha ha so funny now I’m left in the dust alone. 😡

  2. Josie says:

    too much drama

  3. Blazedawn217 says:

    Alo me learing on my spanish si my like dos machachoes

  4. Radio13579 says:

    lol so not funny Where the heck is Prin I need to talk- I’ll go on his site lol I love thinking out loud

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