HEY im quiting and its because this reasons

1.everyone in this site hates me

2.personal problems with my family

3.same as 1

so guys heres my penguin i dont want it since im quiting i will like too say 5 more things

my best friend


best movie maker


best group video maker[tsd]

the source

first video i saw was


my best freind

doggiking,the source,radio13579,and all my fans

im sorry to doggiking and source your right i cant stay as a group couse i mestup

herres my penguin



and bye doggiking your a true friend!

For Last Time~Prin~


3 Responses to BYE!

  1. Radio13579 says:

    Dude if you list me as one of your best friends why the heck did you and Ryspazzer kick me out of TLS?

  2. thesource00 says:

    ya if doggi was your friend why did u make that letter saying your old friends, Prinplu30

  3. Nice N Happy says:

    i thought you quit like a month ago if not wat was the post u posted “bye”

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