Club Penguin, Stolen!

I got back from my two-day vacation, and what do I find out? The Cookie Monster stole club penguin! The big blue start button wont work. I just wanted to find out if it is just me. Please comment and tell. Time to go on a cookie monster hunt!


UPDATE: Phew, I found the cookie monster. He was hiding in the gear thing on my computers  C drive and dont wory, his mothr grounded him! No Chocolate chunk cookies for a month!


4 Responses to Club Penguin, Stolen!

  1. bubluciouspenguin says:

    true story. Seriousley.

  2. Radio13579 says:

    lol it’s working for me so its just u sorry dude lol


    P.S. Doggiking can I take Rasnail’s place on your site?

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