I Need Your Help!

Hey guyz! I need your help If you would be kind to donate some WordPress credits (if you have a wordpress)

its would be cool if you give me 25 credits but i really need 20 but if you want to give me 25 credits this site will be even better!

And some coin codes.


I really need some WordPress Credits so as to make this blog much more cool and easy to find!

So please if you have WordPress Credits or you can find some, then donate them to my site using my email : viljoenpe@telkomsa.net

If you give me credits or coin codes here is wat you can get: But ill need your name and ill give you a date and time too meet me, you can choose who you want to add Blazedawn or Pj Viljoen or Heat Crow (theyre all me)

1st. Be my buddy on Club Penguin forever

2nd. Feature his/her penguin on my site in a huge post.

3rd. Advertise his/her blog in a huge post and create a widget on my blog with a link to his/her site.

Moreover, I need some Club Penguin Coin Codes to Unlock Items Online. But i only need two but if you want too give more its fine by me


It is impossible for me to buy a Club Penguin Toy, since there arent any of them here in South Africa and im only getting one in christmas but we order it so it takes 3 weeks more so if you’d be kind gimme some codes but rember this is your choice

Let’s all try to make this blog even better!

I hope you can help!

Thank you!

~Blazedawn217~*~Pj Viljoen~


4 Responses to I Need Your Help!

  1. bubluciouspenguin says:

    I would..but my parents wont let me by anything cuz we are loosing money

  2. Radio13579 says:

    idk what wordpress credits r and i didnt no u lived in SA

  3. thesource00 says:

    u cant just ask us for money. dont you have $25 yourself. and doggiking yes u can do your own vid of week

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