check my new vids

hey guys i kno that u kno that im in TLS but i also make informail videos bu myself . TLS is to entertaon you. so we will be doin our first vid shortly. alos check out mynewest vids comment rate subscribe!

cookie jar- cpmv:

mario(made a long time ago)(uploaded a week ago):

fevers party vid:

ninja proof:

i saw a ninja on cp! acualyy walking around!!!:

also scroll down for the cp choice awards

and visit! awesome contets goin on! 😀


9 Responses to check my new vids

  1. thesource00 says:

    i alreadyeady knew that song u didnt get me when it started.

  2. doggiking says:

    lol darn
    lol but it will get other people

  3. thesource00 says:

    oh and its tsd not tld

  4. 2christianpenguins says:

    Hey Doggieking i am having a rare peng contest! The rarest penguin yet! At

  5. Radio13579 says:

    lol u just waisted ten seconds of my time lol

  6. Radio13579 says:

    the cookie jar one’s pretty cool but timing’s a bit off

  7. cutiecat27 says:


  8. doggiking says:

    me and fever are tite. we are really good friends. but he doesnt do hook ups. so i cant tell him to meet anyone. hes just a friend 😀 rite watex?

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