cp choice awards!

yes thats right! the club penguin choice awards!

later last summer, my friend source ahd this contest so i hope that he doesnt mind!

but its time for mine.

nominees for best team blog are- clubpenguinseven,doggiking&the cp crew, cp cheats team, ojoc, & whitemist101

nominees for best single blog are- feverameeron, bike boy93, & bodge101

nominees for best member looks are- doggiking, blezedawn217, boie, bike boy93, and kimi07

nominees for best non member look are- the source00, aussie229, & feverameeron

nominees for fastset growing blog are http://clubpenguinseven.wordpress.com, http://chetlu671.wordpress.com, https://doggiking.wordpress.com, and http://kimi07.wordpress.com

nominees for nicest ppl award are- the source00, bodge101, wooziewoo, aussie229, blazedawn217, bublucious !, and wigglewaddles

nominees for best parties are- cp7, bodge101, doggiking, bike boy93, faverameeron, kimi07

those are all the nominees, so penguins, vote one fore each thing by saying the name!

so hurry! contest ends next monday. winners will get this really cool widget award + a free peng

*no voting for yourself*



30 Responses to cp choice awards!

  1. Blazedawn217 says:

    Thnx dude two nomnimies cool hey and well done fever my man lol.I vote for fever and you dogg

  2. aussie229 says:

    Best team blog: Clubpenguin 7
    Single blog: Bodge101
    Member look: Doggliking
    Non- member look: (I would vote for me but I can’t)
    Fastest blog: Kimi07
    Nicest People: (I would vote for me but I can’t)
    Best parties: Feverameeron

    I hope people vote for me 🙂


  3. wooziewoo says:

    grr i was gonna pick 2 ppl. well i vote for waddy or “wigglewafles” as u call it lol

  4. wooziewoo says:

    wigglewadles* lol oops 😳

  5. watex says:

    i vote for dog

    the party were cool

  6. watex says:

    i mean doggi,sorry

  7. bodge101 says:

    here are my votes:
    Bikeboy93 (if i cant vote myself 😀 )
    The Source
    The Source
    Kimi 07

  8. doggiking says:

    thanks for voting!
    tell ppl to come and vote too!

  9. kimi07 says:

    Here are my votes:
    the source
    club penguin seven

  10. Mattacho2 says:

    best team blog whitemist101
    best single blog bike boy93
    best member looks doggiking
    best non member aussie229
    for fastset growing blog kimi07
    nicest ppl award wigglewaddles
    best parties feverameeron

  11. Radio13579 says:

    o cmon im not nominated ONCE? And YOUR nominated… THANKS ALOT

  12. thesource00 says:

    i dont mind
    Club Penguin Seven or Ojoc (i work at both sites)
    The Source00
    club penguin seven
    the source00

  13. Chipper1095 says:

    man, i wanted to get nominated 😦 , but mayb i’ll get nominated next time! 😀

  14. chinsetakout says:

    man i didnt get nominated 😥 oh well


  15. doggiking says:

    sorry not everyone can. but im haing one later
    not cp choice awards but CPB- club penguin bests

  16. Shimbo37 says:

    Ausie229 (me aussie too)
    Chetlu671 (he is my CP friend)

    Go Aussie dude! I hope you win. Make Australia proud.

  17. Radio13579 says:

    big surprise YOU GUYS show up alot on that chart….

  18. Radio13579 says:

    and how is YOUR member look better than mine?!

  19. Radio13579 says:

    dude can i make my own SP Choice Awards on my site and give u credit? plzzzzzz

  20. doggiking says:

    sure i dont care lol u can copy it

  21. Radio13579 says:

    well dont worry it will be different

  22. yogipen says:

    Can I be nominated?

  23. Seal 55555 says:

    best team blog: Ojoc

    best single blog are:bodge101

    best member looks: don’t know

    best non member look are- the source00

    fastset growing blog are http://clubpenguinseven.wordpress.com

    nicest ppl award are- the source00 or bodge101

    best parties are-cp7 or bodge101

  24. Rocketdog 49 says:

    Team: CP7
    Single: bike boy 93
    Member looks: Kimi 07
    Non member: the source
    Fastest growing: Kimi 07
    Nices people: source
    best parties: source

  25. Rocketdog 49 says:

    Also do winners get their own widgets like in the sources? (I have returned!!) 😀

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