new catalog!

hey guys!
bodge101 from cp7 gave me this post!

1. Click on the snowflake to get the Pink Toque:


2. Click on the top of the tree to get the Russian Hat:


3. Click on the penguin sitting in the snow fort for the Red Viking Helmet:


4. Open and close four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet:


5. Click on the star to get the Black Superhero Mask:


6. Click on the “N” in “Shoe Collection” for the Black Scuba Mask:


7. Click on the “N” in “Clearance” for the Mixed Bracelets:


8. Click on the “N” in “Clearance” (on the second page) for the Jade Necklace:


Notice how on the last three you had to click an “N”- could these be more ninja hints? Also, check out the “Penguins At Work” page to get a Snow Shovel. Now onto the new Wig Catalog:

First of all, there is an important message, which says that this will be the last Wig Catalog:


As of January 2009, the two catalogs will be combined. Here is the Wig Catalog cheat:

Click on the Spikester for the Spikette:


Bioe already posted about the pin (which is in the Forest), but here it is again:



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