contest winners announced!

hey guys!
awesome drawings!

but remember only 2 winners!

3rd place (which doesnt win anything) is cutiecat27! i liked the 2nd drawing u did! 😀

2nd place: is… Nice N Happy! :0) lol thats his signature. he gets to

be my buddy for however long i decide (over 6 months)

– be in a normal non TSD vid with me.(only posted on my youtube)

-be on my blogroll for a week or more woo hoo!

and first place- was… chinsetakeout! he entered on cp7’s site! so he wins:

1 free peng

-be my buddy forever

– be on my blogroll for a while

– gets to be a geust star in a TSD vid.

– gets a post for themselves

so those r the winners!

and the winner of the free peng is… ninpenguin7 who actually made a vid and advertised! thats big!

so those r your winners!



3 Responses to contest winners announced!

  1. Nice N Happy says:

    Yea the Twilight Zone ! LOL
    PS Im ur buddy 4 eva

    Nice N Happy :0)

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